Show me the code

I try to release all of my code under Free/Libre licenses, unless I am not able to convince my customers. You can find most of the code I am working on or I have worked with at my GitHub, Drupal and SourceForge profiles. Some of the contributions to free software projects I have carried out over the past years include:


Here you can find a set of handy links to test instances of some of the code I have worked with.

  • Drupal Planet Links Archive: archive of links published at Drupal Planet.
  • Lab: testing and experiments directory in the GD server.
  • Elio: testing server at CRESS, with several QScience instances and other Drupal experimental projects.
  • Patterns Server@ETHZ: a Patterns server instance running at a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) testing server.
  • server running experiments of my collaboration with @aperez at NTNU (Norway).

The code is deployed in testing servers which might not work at the time you visit them! ;-)

Hacklab in Ca La Fou
Graffiti in the hacklab of Ca La Fou which I visited in January 2014. Source: