I am currently working full-time as a postdoctoral researcher and I have discontinued my services as a consultant.

I have worked as a self-employed consultant, providing consultancy in social research and free software technologies. As a social researcher, I am specialised in providing consultancy for projects related to the areas of sharing economy, free software, common-based peer production, open data or peer-production among others. As a computer scientist, I have provided consultancy with regard to free software technologies.

I have been involved in several free software communities since 2002. I have specialised in web development using Drupal, and have been involved in the development of numerous websites (see my portfolio and projects in which I have been professionally involved). I have also been very actively involved in the Drupal community, contributing in several ways (contributed modules, speaker and volunteer in the organisation of events, etc.). In addition to Drupal, I maintain an interest in learning about new and diverse free/libre technologies (see my code). You can find below a summary of some of the technologies I have worked with:

  • Frameworks: Drupal, Django, Knopflerfish OSGI, XNA, etc.
  • Languages: PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, Ada 95, JSP, C#, C, SQL, PL/SQL, Limbo, etc.
  • DBMSs: MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, SQLite, etc.
  • IDEs: Eclipse, Visual Studio .NET, NetBeans, Anjuta, etc.
  • Operating Systems: GNU/Linux, Windows, Inferno, etc.
  • Design: Photoshop, GIMP, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, KompoZer, etc.
  • Other: Robotics (Lego Mindstorms, Pioneer), CLIPS, XML, CSS, VHDL, LMSs (Moodle), OSCommerce etc.
Free software technologies