I work as a self-employed consultant, providing consultancy and training in social research and free software technologies. As a social researcher, I am specialised in providing consultancy for projects related to the areas of sharing economy, free software, commons-based peer production, open data or peer-production among others. As a computer scientist, I have provided consultancy and training with regard to free software technologies (you can see examples in the code section).

I have been involved in several free software communities since 2002. I have specialised in web development using Drupal, and have been involved in the development of numerous websites. I have also been actively involved in the Drupal community, contributing in several ways (contributed modules, keynote speaker and volunteer in the organisation of events, etc.). In addition to Drupal, I maintain an interest in learning about new and diverse free/libre technologies.

You can find below a list of websites which I have fully developed or have participated in the development of as part of a wider team. These sites can be found by clicking on the image or the title, unless they are no longer online.



I developed and I am currently maintaining the main website of the "Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus". The website is based on Drupal 8 and it comprises several features such as events scheduling, a blog system and a video gallery among others.

Year of launching: 2016
Main technologies involved: Drupal 8, bootstrap
Data visualisation for CANDID and EPINET

I developed a set of visualisation tools which enable the exploration of concepts drawing on data from the CANDID and EPINET projects.

Year of launching: 2017
Main technologies involved: Drupal 8, D3.js, REST
Catalan CBPP directory

I collaborated in the development of the Catalan version of the Commons-Based Peer Production directory, providing technical assistance. This is a fork of the Commons-Based Peer Production directory tailored to the needs of the study of this phenomenon in Catalonia.

Year of launching: 2016
Main technologies involved: Drupal 7, REST, Open Street Maps, Bootstrap

I developed the main website of the project "The evolution and resilience of industrial ecosystems" (ERIE). This was my first project in Drupal 8, and it involved the development of a clean and simple website providing tools for easy editing by the editorial team, including the migration of all the data from the previous system.

Year of launching: 2015
Main technologies involved: Drupal 8, bootstrap